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Passionate Makin Love Poems to Ignite Your Desire

Love’s Sweetest Symphony: Makin Love Poems to Stir the Soul

Welcome to 1LovePoems, your go-to destination for poems on making love. From sensuous sonnets to passionate prose, we have it all. Our collection features a range of poems that capture the essence of intimacy and the magic of connection between two hearts. So whether you’re in the mood for some steamy romance or just want to revel in the beauty of love, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to indulge in some poetic pleasure and let the words transport you to a world of pure bliss.

Short Poems

1. “Fireside Love”
By the gentle flicker of the flames
We lay entwined, lost in passion’s games
A cozy warmth, a cozy love
Our own little world, made just for us

2. “Moonlit Romance”
Under the stars, by the shimmering moon
Our love ignites, infinite and true
Wrapped in your arms, lost in your gaze
The world fades away, just another phase

3. “Morning Bliss”
As the sun rises, and the world awakes
We snuggle close, our love to make
The day can wait, this moment’s ours
A sweet embrace, a love that empowers

4. “Whispers of Love”
In hushed whispers, our love we declare
Secrets shared, a love that we bare
Tender words, a touch so true
Our hearts entwine, I know I love you.

Medium Poems


In the echo of your voice,
My heartbeats skip a beat.
The rhythm of your laughter,
Is the melody that makes me complete.

Every single moment with you,
Feels like an eternity in space.
No matter what life throws at me,
Your love is my saving grace.

Let’s hold hands and dance,
To the beat of our heartbeats.
Together we’ll explore the wonders,
Of love that’s true and sweet.

A Soulmate’s Promise

Promise me now, my soulmate,
That our love will never fade.
That you’ll stand by my side,
Through every twist and turn life made.

Promise me that you’ll hold me tight,
When the skies turn dark and grey.
And that your love will shine on me,
Like the sun on a beautiful day.

Promise me that you’ll love me,
With all your heart and soul.
And that we’ll grow old together,
Still with hearts that overflow.

Our love was meant to be,
A beautiful journey to embark.
Promise me now, my soulmate,
That our love will never depart.

Sweeter Than Honey

Your touch is softer than silk,
Your eyes sparkle like diamonds in the night.
Your love is sweeter than honey,
And my heart always takes flight.

With every breath you take,
My love for you grows stronger each day.
You bring light into my life,
In every possible way.

In a world that’s sometimes cruel,
Your love is my safe haven.
A place where my heart can rest,
And my soul feels alive and awakened.

My love for you is infinite,
Stronger than any force known.
Your love is sweeter than honey,
And our journey will forever be shown.

Long Poems

Endless Love

Endless love, a feeling so grand,
My heart is overflowing, I cannot stand.
This passion in my heart, it never fades,
For you, my love, is the reason it’s made.

From the moment we met, my heart was yours,
Our love so strong, it opens new doors.
Together we laugh, we dance, we cry,
Our love shining bright, like the stars in the sky.

I’m lost in your eyes, it’s where I belong,
A place where love reigns, and nothing is wrong.
In your arms, I find solace and peace,
And I know that our love will never cease.

With every beat of my heart, I feel your love grow,
A never-ending bond, that continues to glow.
Our souls entwined, forever entwined,
Like a rose with its roots in the earth, combined.

Together we weather the roughest storm,
For our love is the shelter that keeps us warm.
Through all the hardships and pain we’ve faced,
Our love has grown stronger and cannot be replaced.

Endless love, it’s eternal and pure,
A love that’s unbreakable, steadfast, and secure.
I thank the heavens above for your embrace,
And for the gift of love that will never fade.

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