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Love Poems For Him

Salute to Love: Soldier Love Poems

Undying Love from the Battlefield: Poems by Soldiers

Attention all soldier lovers! If you have a special someone in the military, we’ve got the perfect collection of love poems for you. Our soldiers sacrifice so much for our country, and it’s important to show them just how much we love and appreciate them. Whether you’re looking for something sentimental or a little more lighthearted, we’ve got you covered. So kick back, relax, and enjoy our selection of heartfelt soldier love poems.

Short Poems

1. “My Sweetheart in Uniform”
My heart sings with pride
As my love dons his uniform with grace
His bravery and strength personified
My soldier, my heart’s rightful place

2. “Letters From the Frontline”
Ink upon parchment, a treasure to hold
Each letter from my love, so brave and bold
Words of longing, of hope and of fear
My soldier’s love, so precious and dear

3. “The Kiss Goodbye”
With tears in my eyes and a heavy heart
I send my love off to war, our worlds apart
But the memory of his tender kiss
Is a flame that can never be dismissed

4. “Homecoming”
With open arms and a heart full of love
I welcome my soldier home, into my embrace
Finally, we can be together again
With our love as strong as the day it began.

Medium Poems

Love in the Trenches

In the trenches, amidst the din
Of battle cries and cries of pain,
Our hearts found solace, love within,
Amidst the chaos, peace to gain.

Our love blooms strong as the bombs fly,
Giving us strength to carry on,
In this land of death, love does not die,
Through each hardship, our love has grown.

And though we may be miles apart,
Our love remains steadfast and true,
In each other’s hearts, we shall never depart,
Our love will see us through.

For in the midst of battle’s strife,
Our love is the one constant thing,
And even in death, it gives us life,
Our love, our bond, our everything.

The Solider’s Love

In times of war, when all is bleak,
When hope is lost and spirits weak,
I think of you, my darling love,
And find the strength to rise above.

With memories of your loving touch,
I face each day with a renewed clutch,
Of valor, courage and sheer might,
To win this war and end the fight.

For you my love, I’ll face it all,
The bullets flying, the deafening call,
Of foes and death, I’ll plow through,
Knowing your love will see me through.

And though the distance may be great,
Our love knows no bounds or fate,
For in our hearts, we are the same,
Bound by love, forever flame.

Long Poems

My Soldier Love

I love a soldier, brave and true
He fights for us, for me and for you
His heart so strong, his spirit bold
He keeps us safe, the young and the old

With every step, he treads with pride
His duty’s call, he never hides
From home and loved ones, he must depart
But always carries us in his heart

In lands far from our peaceful shores
He stands against the enemy’s roars
His comrades by his side, their bond unbreakable
Their loyalty to each other, simply unshakeable

Though he may face danger every day
He never wavers, his faith does stay
In his strength we find hope and solace
His courage an inspiration to all of us

Through clouds of smoke, he charges ahead
His weapon at the ready, his heart not filled with dread
For he knows his purpose, his mission clear
He fights for our freedom, without any fear

When news from distant lands does arrive
We pray for his safety, for him to survive
And as we wait for his safe return
We keep him close, our love we earn

For we know the price he pays each day
A soldier’s life, never easy or gay
But we are proud of him, and we will always be
Our soldier love, a true hero to you and me.

A Soldier’s Heart

A soldier’s heart beats strong and true
With love for country and for you
In every battle, every fight
His thoughts return to you each night

Through tears and pain, and blood and sweat
His love for you he won’t forget
He fights to keep his loved ones free
So they can live their lives with glee

When miles apart, his heart still sings
For love that knows no earthly things
And when he looks up to the sky
He sees your face and he knows why

The battles rage, the wars may roar
But his love for you will last forevermore
Through every shot, through every shell
His heart still beats for you as well

And though the world may never know
The depths of love a soldier grows
You know the soldier in your life
Has a heart that can conquer every strife

So hold on tight and know he’s there
Even when the distance seems to be so unfair
For even miles and time can’t erase
The love that soldiers have embraced

And when the battles are finally done
And he returns to you, the only one
His heart will beat with joy and pride
For the love he left is still alive.

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