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Extinguished Flames: Poems For Ex Boyfriends

Saying Goodbye with Poems for Ex Boyfriends – Healing Words of Love and Heartbreak

Have you recently gone through a breakup? Are you feeling all sorts of emotions and don’t know how to express them? Well, fear not! We have a plethora of poems dedicated to all the ex-boyfriends out there. Our page is filled with a range of poems – from heartbreaking to humorous. So, whether you want to get sentimental or sarcastic, we’ve got you covered. Check out our collection of poems for ex-boyfriends and let your emotions run wild. Who knows, by the end of it, you might just find closure and be able to move on.

Short Poems

1. “Goodbye Forever”
You walked out the door
Left me shattered on the floor
But I’ll pick up the pieces
And heal my heartaches

2. “Moving On”
Your love was once my addiction
But now I’ve found a new conviction
I’ve moved on from your lies
And found my own paradise

3. “Regretting You”
I should have known better
Than to trust a heartbreaker
Now I’m left with regrets
And a love that will never forget

4. “Unapologetic”
You played me for a fool
But I refuse to be your tool
I may have loved you once
But now I won’t give you a second chance.

Medium Poems

I thought I loved you once
But now my heart’s undone
We tried and we failed
And it’s time to move on

I’ll cherish the memories we made
But I’ll no longer hold onto the pain
This is goodbye, my dear ex-boyfriend
I wish you all the best, without any pretend

It’s time to close the chapter
And start a new verse
One without you, my love
But one that’s meant to be diverse

I’ll always remember the lessons you taught
And the love we once shared
But it’s time to let go
And our future, not be compared

I once thought love was all we needed
But then you took that love for granted
You hurt me and broke me
And left me feeling stranded

Yet, now that we are apart
And my heart has had time to heal
I’ve come to forgive you
And finally let go of the pain I feel

I see now that we were not meant to be
And that’s okay, it happens in life
I’ll move forward with love and grace
And end all this drama and strife

So goodbye to you, ex-boyfriend
I forgive you, I really do
And I hope that one day we can see
That love comes in many forms, even after we break free

Moving On
It’s been a while since I last saw you
But I know you’re still around
The memory of us together
Still lurking in the background

It’s taken some time to move on
To let go of what we had
But now I’m ready to start again
And not live in the past, so sad

I’m happy to see you’ve moved on too
With someone new by your side
I wish you all the happiness in the world
And hope our memories subside

It’s time for me to take control
And create my own love story
One that’s meant for me alone
And puts me on a pedestal of glory

So goodbye to you, ex-boyfriend
I’m taking the reigns and moving on
My past with you is over
My new life, full of love and beyond.

Long Poems

A Farewell to You

I tried to love you like you deserved
But my heart never truly swerved
Towards the direction of your affection
I couldn’t help the lack of connection

Our love was a fire that never blazed
It flickered weakly and memories fade
I tried to see the beauty in your soul
But what I saw didn’t make me whole

I thought we could conquer the miles apart
But our love was never meant to start
I tried to grasp onto the memories we shared
But the future I saw was one I couldn’t bear

So, this is my farewell to you my ex
I’m setting you free and moving onto the next
I hope you find love that’s meant to be
But that love, unfortunately, couldn’t have been with me

I’ll cherish the moments we shared together
But I have to let go and find my forever
We were a love that wasn’t meant to last
But the memories of us will forever be cast

So, goodbye to you my ex-boyfriend
I’ll remember the good and let go of the end
I’m taking the lessons and moving on
To find a love that’ll forever hold on.

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