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Love Poems For Him

Boys Will Be Boys – Poems Dedicated to the Charisma and Complexity of the Male Gender

From Crushes to Heartbreak: Poems About Boys that Speak to the Soul

Boys, boys, boys. Who doesn’t have a thing or two to say about them? At 1LovePoems, we’ve got a whole range of poems about boys that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, something sad, or something straight-up funny, we’ve got you covered. So buckle up, grab some popcorn (or maybe some tissues), and get ready for a wild ride through the wonderful world of boys. Let’s dive in!

Short Poems

1. “Unruly”
Boys, like the wind,
Can never be tamed
Their spirits wild, their hearts untamed
Fierce and free, they roam as they please

2. “Just a Crush”
The way he smiled at me
Made my heart skip a beat
I try to ignore him
But my feelings can’t be beat

3. “Brokenhearted”
He promised me forever
But his heart was never true
Now I’m left empty-handed
With nothing left to do

4. “Brothers in Arms”
Boys may fight, but they always come back
As loyal as the sun and the sky
Through thick and thin, and all that’s in between
Brothers in arms, until the end of time.

Medium Poems

1. “The Boy with the Ocean Eyes”
His eyes were the color of the sea,
Captivating and mysterious to me.
A constant reminder of the vast unknown,
The depth of his soul I couldn’t help but comb.

He was a mystery with a gentle heart,
Breaking down my walls from the very start.
His laughter, infectious and pure,
I knew that with him, I could endure.

The boy with the ocean eyes,
Taught me that love can come in surprise.
No longer lost in a sea of doubt,
With him, I found what life’s all about.

2. “The Boy and the Wildflowers”
He was a boy with a gentle soul,
His heart as pure as a newborn foal.
I watched him as he danced with the wildflowers,
The wind playing with his untamed hair for hours.

His joy was contagious; his spirit, wild and free,
With him, I felt a sense of ecstasy.
He showed me the beauty in the simple things,
In love, in life, and in the songs birds sing.

The boy with the wildflowers,
Made me believe in love’s superpowers.
No longer trapped in the mundane,
With him, I saw life in a new way.

3. “The Boy with the Broken Crown”
He was a boy with a heart of gold,
His soul so pure, it was hard to behold.
But life played him a cruel hand,
And he found himself in a treacherous wasteland.

His crown was shattered, his spirit broken,
The weight of the world left him heartbroken.
But even in his darkest hour,
He was a beacon of light and a source of power.

The boy with the broken crown,
Reminded me that even in darkness, hope can be found.
With him, I learned the power of resilience,
And that love and kindness can be the ultimate brilliance.

Long Poems

The Boys I Once Knew

The boys I once knew were clumsy and wild,
With endless energy and spirits undefiled.
They ran through the fields and climbed up the trees,
Laughing and joking, they did as they pleased.

Their hands were always dirty, their knees always scraped,
And they’d come home tired, but with memories shaped.
With their wild imaginations and fearless hearts,
They’d conquer the world, one adventure at a start.

They’d sneak out at night, even when they were told,
And they’d return in the morning, smelling of grass and of mold.
They’d build forts in the woods and boats made of sticks,
And they’d ride their bikes wildly, performing their tricks.

The boys I once knew had eyes that sparkled with glee,
And they’d wag their tails like dogs, each time they were free.
They’d scream at the top of their lungs, just for the fun,
And their happiness knew no limits, nor, was it ever done.

But as time passed, they grew taller and stronger,
And their voices grew deeper, as their childhood took longer.
They’d still play, but with guitars and on basketball courts,
And they’d chase after dreams, with passion and efforts of sorts.

The boys I once knew still exist, I am sure,
But they’ve grown into men, with strength and allure.
Their bodies may have changed, but their hearts remain pure,
And they still strive to adventure, to learn and to cure.

For the boys I once knew, have become more than boys,
They are leaders and fighters, who spread kindness and joys.
They are passionate and driven, with goals set in their sights,
And they work harder each day, to put wrongs to rights.

So, though the boys I once knew may have grown older,
I’ll cherish these memories, and keep them closer.
For they remind me of a time, when life was less bold,
When we’d laugh and imagine, without fear of being told.

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