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Love Poems For Him

Sweet Dreams: Goodnight Poems For Him

Dreaming of You: Sweet Goodnight Poems For Him

Welcome to our collection of goodnight poems for him! Whether you’re looking for something sweet, romantic or maybe just a little bit silly, we have a range of poems to suit your needs. So curl up in bed, grab your phone, and let these poems lull you into a peaceful slumber. Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you drool a little. Sweet dreams!

Short Poems

1. “Sleep Tight, My Love”
As the night descends,
And the stars above,
Just close your eyes, my love,
And sleep tight, my dove.

2. “A Dream of You”
As you lay down to sleep,
In your dreams I’ll be,
Holding you close and tight,
Until the morning light.

3. “The Night Wind”
The night wind whispers,
A sweet lullaby,
As I watch you sleep,
With a contented sigh.

4. “Goodnight Kiss”
As I tuck you in,
And bid you goodnight,
I plant a gentle kiss,
On your forehead, so bright.

Medium Poems

1. “Sweet Dreams”
As the stars shine bright
And the moon rises high
I close my eyes and think of you
With a heart full of love and a sigh

May your dreams be peaceful
May they be filled with joy
And know that wherever you are
I am holding you close, my boy

So close your eyes and rest
Let your worries drift away
For tomorrow is a new day
And I will greet you with a smile at the break of day

2. “Goodnight, My Love”
As the day comes to an end
And the night begins to descend
I say goodnight, my dear
With all of the love I have to lend

May you sleep soundly
May you feel my arms around
And know that you are cherished
That in my heart, you are profound

So close your eyes and dream
Of all the beauty in your life
And know that I am here for you
Through every joy and every strife

3. “The Night Is Ours”
As the world slows down
And the stars come out to play
I revel in the night, with you
By my side, in every single way

May this night be memorable
May it be the best yet
As we hold each other close
And let everything else forget

For in the silence of the night
With only our hearts to hear
We are infinite together
With nothing left to fear

So let us bask in this moment
And all the love that it brings
For this night is ours, my love
And our hearts will forever sing.

Long Poems

Sweet Dreams, My Love

As the stars twinkle in the night,
I bid you my love, sweet goodnight.
May your dreams be filled with love and light,
And may you wake up with a heart so bright.

Let the moon watch over you,
As you drift away into a peaceful hue.
May your slumber be filled with dreams so true,
And may all your worries bid you adieu.

As you lay your head on your pillow,
Know that I am with you in spirit, my dear fellow.
May your sleep be restful and mellow,
And may all your fears turn to jello.

May the angels sing a lullaby,
And may its melody heighten your high.
May your soul soar up to the sky,
And may you wake up with a happy sigh.

May your heart be filled with joy and love,
As you rest your head, like a dove.
May you fly into a peaceful land above,
And may all the angels bless you from up above.

So sleep tight, my love, and don’t you fret,
For I am here, and I’ll never forget.
You are the one for whom I have such depth,
And I promise to love you until my last breath.

Sweet dreams, my love, and peaceful sleeping,
May you dream of love, with a heart that’s beating.
And when the dawn breaks with a feeling,
May you wake up with a smile, gently beaming.

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