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Love Poems For Him

Tickle His Heart with Laughter: Funny Love Poems for Him

Tickle His Heart with Hilarious Love Poems – Make Him Laugh with Our Funny Poetry Collection

Love is a tricky thing, and sometimes it’s best to approach it with a bit of humor. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of funny love poems for him on our website, 1LovePoems. From lighthearted odes to quirky and unexpected declarations of affection, our range of love poetry has something for everyone. So laugh, love, and embrace the silliness that makes relationships so entertaining with our selection of funny love poems for him.

Short Poems

1. “Ode to My Beloved Bacon”
Oh bacon, my bacon,
How I adore thee,
Crisp and salty,
My heart feels complete with thee.

2. “My Love for Pizza”
Pizza, oh pizza,
How I long to hold thee,
Cheese and sauce,
My love for thee will always be boss.

3. “To My Snoring Soulmate”
Oh snoring, my snoring,
How I love thee,
Your snores sound like music,
My sleep feels complete with thee.

4. “My Sweet Tooth Valentine”
Candy, oh candy,
How you make me feel dandy,
A taste of your sweetness,
My heart sings with completeness.

Medium Poems

To My Silly Lovebug

My love, you are a funny guy
With a laugh that fills the sky
Your sense of humor is so rare
It’s something that makes people stare

You make me smile when skies are gray
And chase my worries far away
Your jokes, they always hit the spot
And make my heart feel light, not fraught

I love the way you make me giggle
I am your happy, silly wriggle
I am forever yours, my dear
My lovebug, oh so sincere

My Love, The Comedian

My heart beats fast when you’re around
Your jokes, they make me wear this crown
Of happiness and pure delight
You make everything feel so right

Your timing, it’s impeccable
Your wit, it’s irresistible
The way you make me laugh out loud
Is a talent that makes me so proud

My love, you are a comedian
Your humor makes our love stronger than
All the serious stuff we forego
We keep laughing, and that’s how we grow

So let’s keep telling each other jokes
And keep our love as light as smoke
With you, my life is full of glee
My funny love, you complete me.

Long Poems

My Love For Him is Strange

My love for him is strange, it’s true,
It’s like a bee that’s stuck in glue.
It’s like a cat that loves to swim,
Or like a fish that wants to climb.

He’s not the type that’s tall and strong,
Or one that sings a classic song.
He’s goofy, weird, and silly too,
But I can’t help but love him true.

He makes me laugh in every way,
With every word that he does say.
His puns are bad, his jokes are lame,
But still, I love him all the same.

He’s not handsome in the conventional way,
But to me, he’s perfect in every way.
His eyes are bright, his smile is wide,
And in his arms, I always want to hide.

I don’t care if he’s not like the rest,
Because to me, he’s simply the best.
He’s my partner, my love, my friend,
Until the very end.

So here’s to him, my love so strange,
That makes my heart skip and change.
I’ll love him forever, that’s for sure,
My love for him will always endure.

The Love I Have for Him

I love him more than words can say,
In every single, tiny way.
He’s the one that makes me smile,
And everything just feels worthwhile.

He’s the sun that lights up my day,
My rock, my shelter, in every way.
He’s there for me through thick and thin,
And I know I can always win.

With him by my side, I feel invincible,
Nothing can get me down, it’s so incredible.
I thank the stars that he’s in my life,
And for the love he gives, day and night.

He’s my rock, my king, my everything,
I’ll love him always, that’s a sure thing.
He’s the one my heart beats for,
And that’s something I’m grateful for.

When I’m with him, I feel complete,
Everything is just perfect and sweet.
He’s the one that has my heart,
And that’s where it will always start.

I love him for his strength and kindness,
And for the way he fills my heart with brightness.
He’s the one that makes me feel alive,
And for that, I’ll always strive.

So, my love, this poem is for you,
For all the things that you do.
I’ll always love you more each day,
And that love will never sway.

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