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Love Poems For Him

Moving On: Forget Him Poems – Healing Verses for Letting Go

Erasing Memories: Poems to Move On and Forget Him

Looking to get over someone who’s no longer worth your time? Look no further than our collection of “Forget Him” poems! Whether you’re feeling angry, sad, or just need a little pick-me-up, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of witty and relatable poems. So grab a glass of wine, sit down, and let our poems lift your spirits and help you move on from that no-good ex.

Short Poems

Letting Go
He was never mine to keep,
So I’ll let him go and weep.
But with each tear that I shed,
I’ll also free my heart, instead.

Erased Memories”
Every time I close my eyes,
His memory within me dies.
I’ll forget his face, his touch, his scent,
Because he was never heaven sent.

Moving On”
I won’t look back, I’ll move ahead,
Forgetting all the words he said.
I’ll erase him from my heart,
And make a fresh, clean start.

The Illusion”
I held onto nothing but an illusion,
Dreaming of a love without confusion.
But reality crushed my hopes and dreams,
Forgetting him is harder than it seems.

Medium Poems

1. “I Will Forget You”

I will forget you, little by little,
day by day, your memory will dwindle,
fading into the ether, like a dream,
leaving no mark, as if you’ve never been.

I will forget your gentle smile,
your laughter and your charming guile,
the way you touched my heart and soul,
the way you made my life feel whole.

I will forget the pain you caused,
the tears that fell, the love that paused,
I will forget the lies you told,
the way you made my heart grow cold.

I will forget you, make no mistake,
I will move on, my heart will not break,
I will find someone new to love,
while you’ll be just a distant memory, a mere amorphous blob.

2. “Erased”

I woke up this morning, feeling free,
as if someone had erased a part of me,
a part that held onto someone dear,
someone who made my heart feel fear.

I tried to hold on, but it was in vain,
I tried to forget, but it caused me pain,
so I let go, and cut the cord,
and felt a weight lift, as if untoward.

I don’t know what the future holds,
but I know one thing, I’m not controlled,
by someone who doesn’t deserve my heart,
someone who tore my world apart.

So I say goodbye, for good this time,
I’ll move on, it’s not a crime,
you meant something once, I’ll admit,
but now you’re just someone I want to forget.

3. “The Art of Moving On”

The art of moving on, is not that easy,
it’s like breaking free, from a fantasy,
you’ve built in your mind, for so long,
it’s hard to accept, that it’s gone.

But in time, you’ll learn to cope,
you’ll find your rhythm, you’ll regain hope,
you’ll see that life, is full of surprises,
and sometimes, what we think we need, compromises.

So take a deep breath and let go,
embrace the unknown, and let it show,
that you’re stronger than you think,
and in time, you’ll no longer blink.

The past is just that, a thing of the past,
focus on the present, and make it last,
you’ll find that love, comes in different ways,
it’s not just one person, it’s a million rays.

The art of moving on, is an art indeed,
it’s learning to love yourself, finding your creed,
it’s believing that life, will lead you where you’re meant to be,
and being open to the possibilities, that’s the key.

Long Poems

Letting Go

I try to forget him, but it’s not easy to do
My heart still aches, still yearns for him too
Days without him feel endless and dull
I want to move on but my heart’s still full

I thought I was stronger, I thought I had power
But love is a force, it’s not something to devour
It takes its own path, its own course
And now I’m alone, feeling remorse

I see him with her, and I feel sick inside
Jealousy and envy, I just can’t hide
He’s happy with her, and I should be too
But my heart still longs for him, it’s true

I tell myself it’s for the best, it’s time to let go
But my heart refuses, it’s putting on a show
I try to move forward, to find someone new
But every time, it always leads back to you

I know I need to forget him, to erase him from my mind
But his memory lingers, it’s constantly confined
It’s hard to admit, but I miss him so much
But it’s time to move on, to find my own crutch

I’ll put away the pictures and memories we shared
I’ll try my best to act like I never cared
But deep down inside, my heart still beats for him
But it’s time to forget him, to let the healing begin.

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