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Second Chances: Poems of Hope and Redemption

One Moment More: Poems of Second Chances

Looking for poems that speak to giving someone another chance? You’ve come to the right place! At 1LovePoems, we’ve got a diverse range of pieces that explore just that. Whether you’re seeking something somber and contemplative or lighthearted and witty, you’ll find it on this page. So without further ado, let’s jump into the world of second chances together!

Short Poems

1. “Second Chance”

I know I messed up,
But please hear me out.
I promise to do better,
If you give me another chance.

2. “Redemption”

I lost my way,
But I want to make it right.
I’ll do all I can,
To show you I’ve seen the light.

3. “Starting Over”

I know I hurt you,
And I can’t take it back.
But maybe we can start anew,
And get our love back on track.

4. “Hope”

I know it’s been a while,
Since we last held hands.
But my love for you is still worthwhile,
So please give us another chance.

Medium Poems

1. “Second Chance”
I know I messed up, made mistakes
But I’ll do anything it takes
To win your heart and make amends
Please give me another chance, my friend

I promise things will be different now
I’ll make you happy, show you how
You mean everything to me
Please give us another chance to be

2. “Regretful Remedy”
I know I hurt you, caused you pain
I take responsibility, the blame
But I want to make it right
Please give me another chance to fight

I’ll be the one to lift you up
Never again will I make you feel stuck
I’ll be your rock, your ally
Please let me be your remedy

3. “Last Shot”
I know it’s too late, too little too much
But please hear me out, I need to say this as such
I love you deeply, with all my heart
Please give me one last chance to start

I promise to be the man you need
No longer will I make you plead
For love, affection, attention
Please give me one final redemption.

Long Poems

Another Chance at Love

I woke up one day and realized
How much I missed you, how much I longed for your eyes
To gaze upon me once more, to feel your touch
To hear your voice again, that I missed so much.

And so I write these words, to ask for just one more try
To start anew, to put aside our past goodbyes
And take another chance at love, another go
To see if we can make this work, to let our love grow.

I know we’ve hurt each other, done things we regret
But can’t we put the pain behind us, and start fresh, forget?
Can’t we look to the future, and leave the past behind?
To build something new, something beautiful, something kind?

I remember all the moments we shared, how we laughed and loved
How we spoke about our dreams, and all the things we hoped.
We were so happy then, our love was strong and true
Can’t we find that once more, and make our love anew?

So, my dear, I beg you, give me another chance
To show you how much I love you, how much I’ll romance
You into falling for me, all over again
And let the love we share, never end.

Let me prove how much I’ve changed, how much I’ve grown
And how much I want you, and will always call you my own.
So please, give me another chance, to make things right
And show you how much you mean to me, every day and every night.

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