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Guardian Angel Poems – Heavenly Verses of Protection

Watch over me, Guardian Angel: Heavenly verses to uplift and inspire.

Welcome to our Guardian Angel Poems page on 1LovePoems! If you’re looking for some celestial guidance or just love to read about angels, you’ve come to the right place. We have a heavenly range of poems dedicated to those divine beings who watch over us and protect us from harm. Whether you’re seeking comfort or inspiration, our Guardian Angel Poems are sure to lift your spirits and touch your heart. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the celestial ride!

Short Poems

1. “Sent From Above”
Guardian angel, dear and true
Watching over me, through and through
With each step and every turn
Your love and protection, I do yearn

2. “Guiding Light”
In the darkness, you lead the way
Lighting my path, night and day
Showing me what is right and true
Guiding my steps, with love anew

3. “Ever Present”
Unseen by the naked eye
You’re always there, never shy
A constant presence, by my side
Your love and protection, I can’t hide

4. “Wings of Love”
Like a bird, you soar and fly
Your wings of love, spread high
Encircling me, with arms so strong
Protecting me, all day long

Medium Poems

Name: “Watchful Eye”)

In times of darkness and despair,
When life seems unfair,
Remember that you have a friend,
A guardian angel to the end.

With every step you take,
And every move you make,
Your angel is there by your side,
Watching over you with pride.

When your heart is heavy with sorrow,
And you don’t know what to do tomorrow,
Just close your eyes and feel the love,
That’s sent from the heavens above.

For your guardian angel is always near,
To wipe away every tear,
And guide you through the night,
With a watchful eye and a shining light.

So take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone,
For your angel is with you and will always be known,
As a loyal and faithful friend,
On whom you can always depend.

Name: “Invisible Wings”)

Sometimes we feel lost and alone,
In a world that’s so unknown,
But deep within our hearts,
We have a strength that never departs.

We may not see or feel,
The presence of an angel so real,
But we know they’re always there,
To offer comfort, hope, and care.

With invisible wings they soar,
Through the skies and so much more,
Watching over us with grace,
Keeping us safe in every place.

When troubles come and fear takes hold,
And the winds of change begin to unfold,
We can find peace in knowing,
Our guardian angel is always growing.

Growing in love and strength,
Guiding us through every length,
Of the journey of life we take,
With an angel by our side, never to forsake.

So let us open our hearts and minds,
To the love and comfort an angel finds,
For when we’re lost and feeling blue,
Our guardian angel will see us through.

Long Poems

Guardian Angel

In this life, I’ve faced many a danger,
But always felt safe with my guardian angel, so pure,
Watching over me, a protective stranger,
Always nearby, forever sure.

Through dark nights and turbulent storms,
My guardian angel has been by my side,
Guiding me through twisting norms,
Keeping me from straying too wide.

Whether in joy or despair,
My guardian angel is my guiding light,
Comforting, always there,
Keeping me from heights too high a flight.

And when my time comes to depart this world,
I know my guardian angel will be there,
My fears and doubts all unfurled,
As I enter the heaven’s lair.

So thank you, guardian angel, so dear,
For watching over me year by year,
I know your love will never disappear,
As you guide us through life without fear.

Angelic Guidance

In times of darkness and despair,
When hope seems lost and life feels unfair,
We need someone to guide us through,
A guardian angel, pure and true.

They fly above us, wings spread wide,
A constant source of comfort and pride,
Their calming presence soothes our fears,
And wipes away our anxious tears.

Through storms and trials, they stand by our side,
Guiding us through the tumultuous tide,
Their watchful eye never leaves our sight,
Guiding us towards the path that is right.

Sometimes we may not see,
The hand that guides us, eternally,
But their watchful presence never leaves,
A comforting angel, always received.

Sometimes they come in human form,
With gentle words that calm the storm,
Their kindness and compassion soothe,
The wounds that bled, the heart that bruised.

Their light shines bright in our darkest hour,
An angelic presence, with boundless power,
An ever-present force that knows no bounds,
Its love and comfort, forever profound

So let us cherish these guardians of light,
Who guide us through our darkest nights,
For they are the ones who light the way,
An angelic presence, come what may.

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