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Tickle Your Fancy: 5 Humorous Flirty Poems That Will Make You Smile

Tickle Their Heart with These Funny Flirty Poems – Get Your Crush Laughing and Blushing!

Welcome to our page of Funny Flirty Poems! If you’re looking for something to make you smile and give your crush a giggle, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a range of poems on this topic, from silly to sweet, all designed to tickle your funny bone and charm your sweetheart. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the playful banter of our flirty poems. Who knows, you might just find the perfect words to win over that special someone!

Short Poems

1. Cheesy Pick-Up Line
Do you have a map? I got lost in your eyes.
I know it’s cliche, but it’s worth a try.

2. Smooth Operator
Your smile lights up the room,
Your laugh is like sweet perfume.
Can I buy you a drink at the bar?
I promise it won’t be subpar.

3. Playful Banter
Your wit is like a sharp sword,
Cutting through any dull conversation.
It’s hard to keep up with your pace,
But I’ll try to keep up with dedication.

4. Sincere Admiration
You make my heart skip a beat,
Every time I see you in the street.
I don’t want to play any games,
Just want to be with you, my dame.

Medium Poems

Witty Banter

Our conversation’s in full swing,
Full of laughs, you make my heart sing.
Your sense of humor’s quite a catch,
I’m smitten by each little quip and snatch.

Your wit’s sharper than a knife,
I’m always glad to make you laugh through life.
Our banter’s electric, we’re in sync,
I could flirt with you forever, I think.

So let’s keep this playful back-and-forth,
Our dynamic’s too good to run its course.
Every teasing line you throw is gold,
With you, I’ll never forget the world is bold.

Oh, Cheesy One-liners!

Hey there, lovely, how’s it going?
Your beauty’s sizzling, and it’s been showing.
I’m not a poet, nor a mastermind,
But I’m ready to make you mine.

You’re like a melody, stuck in my head,
And you’re too gorgeous, so why not be ahead?
I might just be your knight in shining armor,
If you’d let me, I’ll be your adorable charmer.

Life’s too short to fret and obsess,
So come on, let’s have some fun, no stress.
I’ll give you cheesy one-liners and so much more,
Just be prepared, you’ll be asking for more.

Long Poems

Flirty Folly

A wink, a smile, a little tease,
A flutter of lashes, a playful sneeze,
All tactics used to catch your eye,
And make you fall, oh my oh my!

You brush my hand, I feel the spark,
I’m caught up now, I’m on a mark,
I’m in your tractor beam, it’s true,
I’m pulled in closer, what to do?

The way you talk, so silky smooth,
It makes my heart go boom, ka-boom!
I try to play it cool and coy,
But deep inside I jump for joy.

The glances we exchange all day,
I hope this doesn’t fade away,
I’m feeling flirty, kind of bold,
And hoping that you too are sold.

Your smile so devilishly sweet,
I know there’s more beneath the sheet,
Perhaps a cheeky little kiss,
To seal the deal, our bit of bliss.

So here’s to flirty folly fun,
A game we play, but we’ve just begun,
Who knows where this could all end,
But for now, let’s be flirty friends.

Flirting Folly

Verse 1:
I see you across the room,
And my heart begins to boom,
My palms are sweaty, my knees are weak,
But I muster the courage to speak.

Verse 2:
I walk up to you, with a little grin,
And start our conversation very thin,
Our eyes meet, and I feel a spark,
In that moment, I know you’re my mark.

Verse 3:
As we start to chat, I can’t help but tease,
Your smile is contagious, it puts me at ease,
Every word you speak is like music to my ear,
I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here.

Verse 4:
Our bodies close, I feel the heat,
As you lean in, my heart skips a beat,
Our eyes flicker, and our breaths do mingle,
It’s as if we’re dancing to the stars’ jingle.

Verse 5:
I feel the need to be a bit more bold,
My hidden intentions, I must unfold,
With a smirk, I say something quite witty,
And your smile lets me know you think it’s pretty.

Verse 6:
The night goes on, and we both play our game,
Flirting with each other, feeling the same,
With each touch, the attraction grows,
And the anticipation of what’s to come, only shows.

Verse 7:
As the night winds down, I can’t help but feel,
That my heart and soul you did steal,
So, I lean in and whisper in your ear,
Let’s end this flirting folly, and make one another’s night clear.

Verse 8:
You look at me with a playful glare,
And with mischief in your eye, you say “I’m game, my dear,”
We laugh and kiss, feeling the fire ignite,
And in this moment, everything feels just right.

Verse 9:
Our bodies come together, in a dance so sweet,
A moment that leaves us both complete,
Our flirting folly, now turned to passion,
A night that would forever be in fashion.

Verse 10:
As the sun comes up, we both know,
Our time together must come to a close,
But with a promise to see each other again,
Our night of flirting will never truly end.

So, if you’re feeling brave and a little bit bold,
Let your flirtatious nature take a hold,
For you never know, what you may find,
Just like me, a love of a kind.

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