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Tickle Your Heart: Hilarious Short Love Poems

Laughing with Love: Hilariously Sweet Short Poems

Welcome to our Funny Short Love Poems page on 1LovePoems! Here, we’ve gathered a collection of hilarious and charming poems that will surely tickle your funny bone and warm your heart. From quirky rhymes to witty punchlines, these poems are sure to put a smile on your face and make you want to read them out loud to that special someone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the range of poems we have in store for you!

Short Poems

Love at First Meme
You sent me a meme
And right then it seemed
We had a connection
It felt like affection

Cold Pizza Love
Our love is like cold pizza
It’s not perfect, but it still pleases ya
Even though it’s not fresh and hot
We’ll still gobble it up, no second thought

Butterfly Kisses
Your kisses make me feel like a fluttering butterfly
My heart beats fast, I can’t help but sigh
Your love is a delicate dance
And I’m glad I have the chance

Love in the Stars
Our love is like the stars up above
A cosmic connection, sealed with love
We twinkle and shine
Our hearts intertwine

Medium Poems

The Love Bug

I was bitten by the love bug
And there’s no cure for this ailment
My heart beats faster every day
Since you came my way, my sweet sentiment

You’re like a drug that I can’t resist
I crave you more with each passing hour
I just can’t help but feel this way
And I don’t want this feeling to devour

Every little thing that you do
Makes me fall deeper in love with you
I’m sure that you already knew
But I need to say it again, I do

I’m smitten by your smile and charm
And I hope you feel the same
I’m just a little love bug, infatuated
And your love is what I claim

The Love-Hate Battle

My heart is in a constant battle
Between love and hate for you
Some days I can’t stand the sight of you
And other days, I’m crazy for you

You drive me crazy with your antics
And your disregard for my feelings
But then you do something so sweet
And my heart starts reeling

I can’t decide what to feel
Whichever it is, it’s intense
I want to love you with my whole heart
But my pride won’t allow me to be dense

We bicker and fight like we’re mortal enemies
But then we make up like nothing’s wrong
It’s a never-ending cycle, this love-hate game
But I guess it’s what makes us strong

So here we are, in this battlefield
Fighting for what we believe in, for what’s real
We may not always be on the same side
But our love is what makes us abide.

Long Poems

Love Folly

Love, oh love, you fickle thing,
You make my heart skip and sing.
But then you turn and twist about,
Leaving my poor heart filled with doubt.

Why do I let myself fall so hard,
When you can break me like a house of cards?
I know I’m just a fool in your game,
But I can’t help but feel the same.

You’re like a rollercoaster ride,
Taking me up and down with your tide.
I never know what’s coming next,
And yet I’m willingly perplexed.

So here I am, with open heart,
Ready to play this foolish part.
For even though you may be fleeting,
I wouldn’t want to miss this feeling.

Love, oh love, you fickle thing,
I’ll keep on riding, let my heart sing.
For even though you may break me apart,
I’ll always be grateful for your start.

Love’s Endless Journey

We met one day, just like that,
And since then, my heart’s been at
Peace and singing a sweet melody,
For I found love, my heart’s destiny.

Our journey started with a smile,
And soon enough, we walked down the aisle,
Promising forever to each other,
We embarked on a journey together.

Through thick and thin, we held on tight,
Our love as strong as sunlight,
In happiness and in tears,
Our love grew stronger over the years.

We faced challenges that pushed us apart,
But our love was stronger than any broken heart,
Just like the sun that rises every morn,
Our love was reborn.

We laughed, we cried,
But in every moment, we tried
To build a love that exceeds
All things that life brings.

Until now, we journey and dream,
Together as one in heart and gleam,
For love holds us in its embrace,
Guiding us to a forever that’s full of grace.

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