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Heartfelt Don’t Leave Me Poems – Hold On To Love and Feelings

Forever Together: Poems of Love and Longing

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we understand the pain of separation and the desperation that comes with it. That’s why we have compiled a range of “Don’t Leave Me” poems that will put words to those feelings you just can’t seem to express. Our selection includes everything from heart-wrenching ballads to hilariously desperate pleas, so no matter what stage of denial you’re in, we’ve got you covered. So go ahead and indulge in our collection, but be warned – you may find yourself sending a few of these poems to that special someone who’s threatening to leave. Happy reading!

Short Poems

1. “In Your Arms”
My heart sings when you’re close
Your embrace is my favorite dose
Please don’t leave me alone
Together is where we belong.

2. “Stay with Me”
My thoughts race when you’re away
Longing for you every day
I need you by my side
Please don’t leave me, don’t hide.

3. “Endlessly”
Our moments together, I treasure
With you, life is a pleasure
Stay with me, don’t depart
Forever, you have my heart.

4. “Forever and Always”
My love for you will never fade
It’s here to stay, never to be swayed
Promise me you won’t leave
Together, our hearts will always cleave.

Medium Poems

Don’t Let Go
Don’t let go of my hand,
For I fear I’ll lose my way,
In this chaotic world we live,
And be led astray.

Don’t let go of my heart,
For it beats for you alone,
Without you, I’m just a shell,
A body with no soul.

So hold on tight, my love,
And never let me go,
For with you by my side,
I can weather any storm.

Stay with Me
Stay with me, my love,
And never say goodbye,
For without you, my world
Would be cold and dry.

Stay with me, my heart,
And beat as one with mine,
For the mere thought of losing you
Is something I can’t define.

So wrap your arms around me,
And never let me go,
For in your embrace, my love,
I find my true home.

Please Don’t Leave
Please don’t leave me, my love,
For my world would crumble apart,
Without you here by my side,
There’d be no light in my heart.

Please don’t leave me, my heart,
For my soul would wither away,
Without you here to cherish,
Each and every single day.

So stay with me, my love,
And never wander far,
For your presence in my life,
Is like a guiding star.

Long Poems

Don’t Leave Me Alone

Don’t leave me alone in this world,
For I fear the darkness that surrounds me.
With your presence, the light shines bright,
Guiding me through every step of life.

The mere thought of you leaving makes me shiver,
As if a storm lurks on the horizon and I am stranded.
I close my eyes, hoping it is all a dream,
But reality keeps knocking, reminding me of you.

You hold my hand and lift me up,
Whenever I fall or trip over life’s challenges.
With every breath you take, my soul smiles,
And I know that I can conquer anything.

You are my companion, my confidante, my friend,
The one I can lean on when everything falls apart.
Don’t leave me alone, for the world is too big,
And I am too small to face it alone.

With you, I am omnipotent, unstoppable,
My heart beats with a sense of invincibility.
But without you, I am merely human,
Fading away with every silent second.

So stay with me, through thick and thin,
And I promise to be the anchor that holds you safe.
Our love will thrive, grow and prosper,
As we embrace every moment, without fear.

Don’t leave me alone, for I need you,
You are the air that I breathe, the sunshine in my day.
And if we stand united, we can conquer the world,
With love as our armour, and hope as our guide.

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