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Awkwardly in Love: Cringe-Worthy Poems for the Hopelessly Romantic

Awkwardly Endearing: Cringe-worthy Love Poems for the Hopeless Romantics

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we embrace all forms of love, even the cringeworthy ones. Our collection of cringe love poems will make you squirm in your seat, but you won’t be able to look away. From cheesy pick-up lines to over-the-top declarations of love, these poems are sure to make you laugh (or cringe, or both). So, take a deep breath and dive into the cringey world of love with us. Don’t worry, we won’t judge – we’ve all been there.

Short Poems

1. “Love at First Sight”

My heart skips a beat,
As our eyes finally meet.
Had no clue love hit so fast,
But with you, I knew it’d last.

2. “Awkward Confession”

I stutter and stammer,
As I nervously declare,
My love for you, my dear,
Please don’t run in fear.

3. “Cheesy Pickup Line”

Do you believe in love at first sight,
Or do I need to walk by again tonight?
Cheesy, I know, but honey,
You make my heart feel sunny.

4. “Embarrassed Love”

I feel like such a fool,
Acting so shy when you’re in the room.
But it’s only because I’m smitten,
And my heart, you have bitten.

Medium Poems

Shower Thoughts

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I can’t stop thinking
Of how much I love you.

I think of you showering,
Water running down your skin,
And I imagine myself there,
Oh, what a sin!

I know it’s creepy,
And I should stop this train,
But I can’t help these thoughts,
My mind is insane.

So please forgive me,
For being so damn weird,
But know that my love for you,
Will always be revered.

Awkward Affection

I love you so much,
It makes me feel weird,
Talking about my feelings,
Is something I fear.

Every time I see you,
My heart starts to race,
But when I try to talk,
I get all up in my face.

I stumble over my words,
And my palms start to sweat,
I wish I could be smooth,
But I haven’t figured it out yet.

So please bear with me,
As I try to express,
The love I have for you,
That I can’t help but confess.

Long Poems

Awkward Love

Oh how my heart doth beat and skip,
A nervous mess with each hip dip,
Around you, my love, I am so shy,
My words come out like a pitiful sigh.

Your eyes sparkle like the summer sky,
And your smile brightens each day that goes by,
But when I’m near you, I act like a fool,
Fumbling and stumbling like a clumsy tool.

I long to hold your hand and walk at your side,
But my sweaty palms just won’t subside,
I try to speak, to express my love,
But my tongue gets tied, it’s like a glove.

Your laugh, your scent, your very being,
All make my heart feel like it’s fleeing,
From the cage of fear that I’ve built,
A fortress of awkwardness and guilt.

Yet still I know, deep in my heart,
That we were meant to never be apart,
So I’ll muster up my courage and take a chance,
To declare my love in a cringe-filled romance.

Please forgive my shaky voice,
As I say these words, I have no choice,
I love you more than words can express,
And I’ll cherish you, always, in awkwardness.

The Cringe Love Poem

You are the brie to my bread
The awkward silence to my dread
I can’t help but act like a fool
Around you, I am never cool

You make my heart skip like a beat
Every time I see you on the street
And when you look my way, I freeze
I can’t imagine a love more cheesy

You are my sunshine in the rain
My bae, my love, my everything
And though I may never be suave
I promise to always be your naif

With you, I feel so alive
Like nothing else can ever strive
You make me weak in the knees
I’ll never leave you for the bees

Every moment with you is pure bliss
Especially your sloppy kiss
I’ll love you until the end of time
Our love is cringe, but oh so divine

So I’ll embrace my awkwardness
And together we’ll be breakfast-for-dinner-ness
With you by my side, I’m complete
My cringe love, my heartbeats-repeat.

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