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Beautiful Love Poems

Lonely Hearts Without His Love Poems

Absent Heart
Without his love, the world’s dim,
In the silent moments, in the whim.
In the dreams lost, in the heart’s ache,
Without his love, hearts break.

Love’s Void
Without his love, the night’s cold,
In the absence of warmth, in the hold.
In the journey of life, in the path,
Without his love, love’s wrath.

Lost Affection
Without his love, my heart does ache,
In shadows deep, I lie awake.
With every tear, with every sigh,
Without his love, I wonder why.
The nights grow long, the days so cold,
In silence, stories left untold.
Memories like faded dreams,
Without his love, nothing gleams.
Yet through the sorrow, strength I find,
A healing light within my mind.
Though absent, his love lingers on,
A silent whisper, now he’s gone.

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