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Beautiful Love Poems

Short Poems | Famous Love Poems Everyone Should Read | Best Short Love Poems to Memorize

Examples of short famous poems by famous poets.


Back To Me – Mia Rodriguez

Because of you I have a reason to smile.
Wanted to see you but you said you’d be away for a while.
When will you come back to me… Read Poem


Serenity – Joyce Hemsley

Gentle serenity is what you are,
and your love makes me feel
well above par … calming my pain… Read Poem


My Love Will Grow – Gordon Saunders

Every moment of every day my love for you will grow.
How it started I will never know,
but of one thing I can be sure… Read Poem


Trying – Colin Metcalfe

All I want to do is make you smile
Hold you close and make you feel fine
And on days when that smile turns to a frown… Read Poem


Red Tears – Naweed Rasooly

Red tears dropping to the ground.
My heart filled with sorrow trying to wipe it down.
Seeing you cry from the reflection of my red tears off the ground… Read Poem


Forever Yours – Celmarique Swartz

You came into my life on a simple way
Told me you love me almost everyday
Showed me happiness and made me smile… Read Poem


The Way I Love You – Unknow

I never really know how you feel
I can’t read your mind
I just keep waiting… Read Poem


Star Of My Life – Unknow

A look from you is as blinding as the sun,
As stunning as your eyes I lose myself in.
A look from you is as pure as the clear blue sky… Read Poem


My Dear Love – Unknow

Through the darkness
I can see your light
And you will always shine… Read Poem


Love Is … – Jose Aquino

Love is precious in many ways.
Love is embrace passion.
Love is eternal happiness… Read Poem


Undying Love – Unknown

God hath not promised skies always blue,
Flower strew pathways all our lives threw.
God hath not promised sun without rain… Read Poem


Silent Love – Luke W.

The word Love,
Love is something we all can enjoy,
It is something we all can shar… Read Poem


True Love – Luke Vallejo

Everywhere I go your smile is there
When I think of you the stars overhead are bright
My love for you kindles even in the darkness of night… Read Poem


Romantic Candlelight – Shannon Albo

Love is like a candlelight,
Glowing in the dark
The warmness kindles… Read Poem


You Are My Life – Andy Hughes

You are the stars in my night time,
You are the blue sky in my day,
You are the water in my ocean… Read Poem


Every Time I Think of You – Andy Hughes

Every time I think of you,
my heart skips a beat.
I picture your smile in my mind… Read Poem


You Are Perfect – Suzi Endrina

All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart,
and for us to be together, to never be apart.
No one in the world can even compare… Read Poem


Deepest Desire – Shy Girl

As the sun rises in the East
So the breaking dawn of my love begins
As the sun sets in the West… Read Poem


Natural Love – Unknown

Oh, loving you
Comes easily to me
It’s what I’m living for… Read Poem


I Miss Your Presence – Unknown

I miss your presence around me
With so many people I feel alone
I miss your touch, miss your lips… Read Poem

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