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Beautiful Love Poems

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Poems – Roses Poems For Love

A Rose Without You – Jonathan Magueflor Cruz

With this rose, I not only give you merely a rose,
but I give you my heart and soul.
I send to you all the love I have to give,
and anything else that would give me the … Read Poem


Red Rose Petal – Elizabeth Dixon

I don’t want red roses to show how you care
Because I need to know if loving me is too much to bare
Can you be there for me in my time of need
Or are you going to abandon me out on the street?… Read Poem


Red Roses – Brittany

Our love is that of a red rose
Whose splendor rises as the sun shows its face,
Whose petals expand further and richer
Whispering secrets of happiness and affection… Read Poem


Memory of Roses – Joyce Hemsley

Sorrow I feel, for I must leave you
standing in the midnight air;
my heart belongs to a family of roses,
your heart belongs to a maiden fair… Read Poem


Wedding Poem With Roses – Unknown

Today is the beginning of a journey
The vow to love, honor and cherish.
Today is a dream realized from years past
White dress, a promise of love that lasts… Read Poem


Born At Last – Avery Robertson

I am your journey’s end,
my name is “destiny fulfilled”
you are the fire that ignites my own
a love, a passion so deeply thrilled… Read Poem


Deeply And Passionately – George Kelly

Deeply and passionately, I’m in love with you
Without a doubt, with no restraint, this heat within me grew
Deeply and passionately, you’re in love with me
We thrive in fields of roses, it’s where our love runs free… Read Poem


A WHISPER SWEET – Joyce Hemsley

Basket full of pretty posies
from the “you” I love,
both of us to talk together
under stars above… Read Poem


Power of Love – Hemakumar Nanayakkara

Drown deeply in starry sparkling eyes
Bathe soothingly in the sea of romance
Float smoothly on curving water waves
Disappear the blues in aquamarine ocean… Read Poem


WILL YOU ? – Aimi Willoughby

Will you listen to me as the rain beats down?
Will you smile at me as the the sun hits the ground?
Will you laugh at my jokes whatever they may be?
Will you remember my love for eternity?… Read Poem

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