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Beautiful Love Poems

Untainted Affection Love is Pure Poems

Unblemished Devotion
Clear as the mountain spring, from depths untold,
My love is pure, in the calm it’s bold.
A river running deep and true, beneath the world’s facade,
In clarity, we vow to live, against all odds unflawed.

Sacred Purity
In the sanctum of my heart’s core, where truth alone will suffice,
My love is pure, a sacred flame, immune to any vice.
Through the tempest, it stands untouched, undimmed by any plight,
In the honesty of our bond, we find unyielding light.

Chaste Affection
My love is pure, like morning dew,
In every moment, I cherish you.
With every touch, with every kiss,
My purest love, in endless bliss.
In your eyes, I see my heart,
My love is pure, we’ll never part.
With each new dawn, our bond does grow,
In love’s pure light, our spirits glow.
Untouched by time, unspoiled by fear,
My love is pure, ever clear.
In every whisper, in every song,
My love is where you belong.
So let us cherish this love divine,
My love is pure, forever thine.

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