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Beautiful Love Poems

Complete Affection My Everything Poems

Complete Devotion
In the sanctuary of my heart, where dreams and hopes reside,
You are my everything, with love I cannot hide.
With every breath, a promise kept, in moments pure and bright,
Our souls entwined, our spirits lift, in love’s enduring light.
Through trials faced and joys embraced, our bond will always stay,
For in the light of endless love, our hearts will find their way.

All of Me
In the quiet of the night, where shadows softly fall,
You are my everything, my love, my all in all.
With every touch, a comfort found, in whispers soft and sweet,
Our hearts aligned in love’s embrace, where soul and spirit meet.
Through highs and lows, our love remains, a constant, steady flame,
For in the glow of endless love, our lives are never the same.

Total Devotion
You are my everything, my heart’s delight,
In every moment, you are my light.
With every touch, with every kiss,
My everything, in perfect bliss.
In joy and sorrow, in night and day,
You are my guide, my loving way.
With every smile, with every tear,
My everything, always near.
So here I am, with heart so true,
My everything, dear, it’s you.
In every moment, pure and bright,
My everything, my guiding light.

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