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Beautiful Love Poems

In Search Of You

To search for love is to spend half of your life trying to find the answers your heart forever asks. You try to look for a face in the crowd when you don’t even know who to look for.

A painful feeling it can be, for you to not see, that one special person to fill in the gaps in our heart and soul.

Are you still looking for that one special person, is that person looking for you in return? A love so true, honest and unjudging.

Search for the right words while searching for the right person. Browse through our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems today.

Author: Himanshu Deshpande

At times in life, when I stop distressed,
To find my wounds, lying undressed;
And pain is all that I can feel,
With no one around, to get me to heal.
At times in life, when I do tire,
Whose company do I admire?
I search in vain, for a lap to lie,
If not that, just a shoulder to cry.
At times in life, whom do I blame?
When fate plays a nasty game.
Best friends turn bitter foes,
And leave behind a string of throes.
At times in life, when everything’s good,
I’m enjoying good wine and delicious food.
Just when I have, forgotten to cry,
With whom do I share this ample joy?
At times in life, when I’m trudging along,
With no one to whom I can belong;
I need nothing, but love that’s true,
Which is why I am, in search of you!

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