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Beautiful Love Poems

In Heaven’s Rendezvous

Do you think of him on those sleepless nights? Or does he comes into your mind on a busy day at work? Do you wake up with only thoughts of him?

The hours in between day and night, do you wish to be with him. For him to be thinking of you too and wishing to see a glimpse of you.

Would you like to see him, for maybe just a few minutes on both your busy days? Do you love him from across and only look at him when he doesn’t look back?

Do you wait for him in the night for when he comes you’d whisper to him words of love? Read our poems here at 1Love Poems for your source of inspiration.

Author: Joyce Hemsley

The musical nightingale told me
that you are thinking about me
just as I am thinking of you…
breezes thro’ the trees whispered
that sometime between sunset and sunrise,
we will meet in Heaven’s rendezvous.
Ah – and the waning moon promised
you would be there anon, holding me
tenderly – singing our love song.
I always believe the harvest moon
also the gentle nocturnal breeze.
And how could a nightingale ever lie?
So tonight will be our night of nights
with a million bright stars in the sky.

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