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Beautiful Love Poems

Unfailing Presence Be There Poems

Ever Present
In the moments of your doubt, when shadows cloud your mind,
I’ll be there, my love, my heart, with comfort pure and kind.
Through every trial, every fear, my hand will be your guide,
I’ll be there, my dearest one, forever by your side.
In the light of love’s own truth, you’ll never be alone,
I’ll be there, my precious soul, in every shade and tone.

Constant Companion
No matter where life’s journey goes, or how the seasons change,
I’ll be there, my precious one, through every joy and strange.
With every step, with every breath, my heart will stay with you,
I’ll be there, my darling dear, in everything we do.
Through highs and lows, through thick and thin, my love will always stay,
I’ll be there, my sweetest love, forever and a day.

Unwavering Support
I’ll be there, no matter what,
Through every trial, in every thought.
In times of joy, in times of pain,
I’ll stand by you, through sun and rain.
I’ll be there, when shadows fall,
To lift you up, to stand tall.
In every challenge, in every fear,
I’ll hold your hand, I’ll keep you near.
I’ll be there, with heart so true,
To walk with you, in all you do.
In every moment, in every tear,
I’ll be your strength, I’ll be your cheer.
So here’s my promise, here’s my heart,
I’ll be there, we’ll never part.
In every breath, in every prayer,
I’ll be with you, I’ll always care.

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