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Beautiful Love Poems


I can only look at you and love yoou from afar. Because that’s the only way my heart will be able to express how I feel about you.

No, you won’t even look at me, nor see me even when I’m near. You won’t recognize my face or know my name, because the truth is, you don’t even know how I feel. Will you ever know?

These hidden feelings I have for you, I want for you to know, for you to see me and know how my heart beats only for you.

But how can I? When I don’t even have the courage to do so. For now, I’ll write to you words of love, words I’ve gathered here at 1Love Poems.

Author: Ebbe Perales

You can walk past me
And you don’t see a thing
I just walk by with a smile
But insidem my heart is aching
And I wanna know
If I mean something to you
I want you to feel
All my feelings that are true
I want you to see me
But what am I supposed to do
If you can’t, and you won’t
If you only had a clue
I walk back and forth
To see your smiling face
I see you standing there
And it’s you I yearn to embrace
I can feel your heart beat
But you’re so far away
One smile from you
Can brighten up my day
I want you to see me
But what can I do?
If you chose not to
If you only had a clue

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