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Beautiful Love Poems

Longing and Yearning Miss You So Much Poems

Endless Yearning
I miss you so much, my love, with every passing day,
The emptiness you left behind, in every word I say.
With every breath, with every thought, my heart calls out your name,
I miss you so much, my dearest one, my life is not the same.
Through nights of longing, days of tears, your absence fills my mind,
I miss you so much, my only love, in you my peace I find.

Unspoken Void
I miss you so much, it hurts inside, my heart is torn apart,
In every moment, every sigh, I feel the aching start.
With every dream, with every wish, I hope to see you near,
I miss you so much, my dearest love, in every falling tear.
Though time may heal the wounds we bear, the pain will always be,
I miss you so much, my only one, in every memory.

Endless Yearning
I miss you so much, my heart does cry,
In every breath, in every sigh.
Your presence lingers, though you’re far,
My guiding light, my shining star.
I miss you in the morning light,
In dreams that fill the silent night.
Your memory, a sweet refrain,
A constant ache, a tender pain.
I miss your touch, your voice so dear,
The way you’d chase away my fear.
In every thought, in every prayer,
I feel the void, your love not there.
So here I stand, with heart so true,
Forever longing, missing you.
I miss you so much, my soul does cry,
Until the day we’re eye to eye.

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