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Beautiful Love Poems


Only one person, can stay inside my mind. One person my memory can recall so well, like it was just yesterday and like a dream that’s so clear.

The only one person my heart longs for, beats for. Making it light and bright, but warm at the same time. It is a sweet balance of reality and memory.

It is your love I need most, your love that I have been hoping ang wishing for. The one who can fill all the empty spaces in my heart with the same love I am offering.

Finding love is like living a dream, like finding sweet words here at 1Love Poems’ collection of poems.

Author: Angel Joy

You’re the one I couldn’t forget
Even at the last breath I take
You’re the one my heart longs for
Because I found real joy in you
You’re the one I’ll love so true
For you give me same love too
You’re the one I needed most
For I am so in love with you
You light my life and turn it right
And put a music in my heart
How can I thank you for all the things
And for the love you’ve given me?
I can never ask for more because
My life has been complete since

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