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Beautiful Love Poems

Tears and Sorrows I Cry Poems

Tears of Love
In the silence of the night, where shadows softly fall,
I cry for love that once was bright, now echoes through the hall.
With every tear, a memory, of days we spent in bliss,
In the sorrow of my heart, I yearn for your sweet kiss.
Though time may heal, and life goes on, the pain will always stay,
I cry for you, my dearest love, with every passing day.

Mourning Heart
In the stillness of the dawn, where dreams and reality blend,
I cry for love that slipped away, a wound that will not mend.
With every sob, a piece of me, is lost to time’s cruel tide,
In the tears of longing heart, where deepest sorrows hide.
Though days may pass and seasons change, my love for you remains,
I cry for you, my only love, in endless, silent pains.

Tears of Love
I cry for love, I cry for pain,
For moments lost, for love’s refrain.
In every tear, a story told,
Of hearts once warm, now grown cold.
I cry for joy, I cry for sorrow,
For dreams of yesterday, hopes of tomorrow.
In every drop, my heart does speak,
Of love so strong, yet sometimes weak.
I cry for you, I cry for me,
For what has been, and what will be.
In every tear, a part of me,
Longs for love’s sweet decree.
So let me cry, and cleanse my soul,
In tears, I find my heart’s true goal.
I cry for love, so pure, so true,
In every tear, I think of you.

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