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Beautiful Love Poems

How To Kiss

A kiss to bridge today and forever, a single kiss to make all bad things go away. Like a candy you give to a child when they tumble on the ground, it soothes the pain away and makes them smile.

A kiss to savor the warmth of his heart, to give you the comfort and security you own heart needs. A soft kiss to make things better.

How do you love someone, do you measure it by the days you’ve spent building up those beautiful emotions or by the uncountable times you tell her how you feel?

Kiss her and tell her words of love, whisper to her the right words. Find all the words here in our poem collection at 1Love Poems today.

Author: Gabriel

How would I kiss you?
Let me describe the ways –
I would hold your gaze with mine
as I approach the corner of your mouth,
then softly kiss you there.
I would kiss your eyes, one by one,
with my fingers tease your chest
and press closer into your warmth
I would inhale the scent of your hair,
drawing a draught of you deeply
into my being, into my heart.
I would move to your ear and linger…
whispering your name with
the warmth of my breath,
then softly kiss you there.
I would kiss, lightly as a hush,
your cheek, then very slowly
returning to your mouth, pause,
then brush it with my burning lips.
Then softly I would kiss you there,
press you closer into my warmth
into my being, into my heart
and savour the aching anticipation
that wells in throbs within,
the want of more of you…

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