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Beautiful Love Poems

Glow Lady

This poem talks about a woman of beauty, someone whose soul sparkle with a magical glow. Warm enough to give comfort to another soul who longs for love and care.

Beauty is not limited, it reflects both the inside and out. How one’s beautiful heart shines through especially for those who need something to keep them going and motivated.

Beauty equates to love and healing. A love that makes you want to believe that everything, no matter how chaotic it seems can still be beautiful.

Read through our love poem collection here at 1Love Poems and let our authors’ words fill your heart and soul, until you find that beautiful soul to share the love with.

Author: James R. Heath, Jr.

Glow lady
Outshine the moon
Your radiance lends warmth
To the sun, at high noon
You are beautiful –
Like a portrait, framed in gold
In comparison to you
Even fire seems cold.
Glow lady
Show me some sign
That I have touched your heart
Like the way you have mine
You are wonderful –
Like a June moonlit night
Like that last puzzle piece
When it fits in just right.
Glow lady
What more can I say
My thoughts are all of you
Every night, every day
You have touched –
Something brand new in me
And these things I now feel
I feel, so tenderly.

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