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Beautiful Love Poems

From Now And Forever

At first, love can seem like it’s endless, limitless, and boundless but sometimes it’s not always that way.

Love can be the source of your happiness one day and the other. Days where you float in the sky as that special person shares the same feelings with you.

Then, you may wake up to find that he’s gone. Just like that, not even a word for you to understand. You’re left with just pain and tears, feeling heavy and empty. This is how it’s like when love has left.

Oh, love. Move forward and heal by reading through our collection of poems today here at 1Love Poems.

Author: Joyce Hemsley

“Goodbye my dear one,
I sing you this song,
deep in my poor heart,
your memory lives on.”
How saddened was I
that the love in your eye,
fell on another heart
no wonder I cry.
And how dejected was I
to see you flit by
caressing a new love
prettier than I.
But maybe tomorrow,
I hope I will see
she is your past love
and then it will be:
“Hello my dearest,
I sing you this song,
from now and forever,
our love will go on.”

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