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Beautiful Love Poems


Love is forever and this is true for those who have found their one true love — someone to share the rest of their lives with and built their dreams together.

But for some, forever may seem like just a day — a day to spend with their one true love — a day that can be forever. It’s not really just how much time, days, or years you spent together, it’s the love shared that matters most.

Are you looking or waiting for forever to come? While on it, browse through our collection of love poems here at 1Love Poems today your daily inspiration.

Author: Mary Grace Baylosis

The language of true love is forever
That’s why love goes away never
Love comes to me in the form of someone like you
And in my heart I know what I feel is true
I would give up everything to spend forever with you
For forever is worth leaving behind everything I have and do
Sad to say, forever is not meant for you and me
I could never have your heart for free
You’re out of reach and I’m very far behind
To dream of you and me forever, I must be out of my mind
But I’d give up forever to have you now
One moment in time is enough for me to spend with you somehow
For this much is true and this much I know
A single moment of true joy is more powerful than a lifetime of sorrow
How I’d love to have you forever, but what’s forever for
Tomorrow might not come anymore.

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