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Beautiful Love Poems

Endless Abyss

Are you looking for inspiration for your next writing project but you’re running out of ideas and inspiration, and you can’t seem to find some?

See, our emotions and feelings could be wonderful sources of creative ideas, and these can also be sources of real written words from our hearts and soul.

Let your words create a ripple to your audiences’ hearts and souls by writing about love and how it changes lives. Help one express how he feels through your words.

Browse through our collection of poems at 1Love Poems for your next writing inspirations and ideas, and have your readers talking about love.

Author: Shane Mudge

Watching you smile, my heart drops
Hitting the bottom, decaying its prop
Gazing into your eyes, the endless abyss
All flaws invisible, intentionally missed.
Fludders from my heart lift it back up
Locked into place, stuck in a rut
A nervous wreck, not really sure why
Wanting your smile, I continue to try.
Feelings I thought lost, found once more
Your love surrounds me, stupendous galore
Without my presence, but never alone
Needing your voice, but not through a phone.
I have a picture of you, scorched in my mine
Lost in the wilderness, only for you to find
A compass with no absolute direction
I look in the mirror to see your reflection.
Winds blow with the whisper of your name
Nothing in life will ever be the same
Chiseled from the core, out to the skin
Everything I want to say seems too thin.
Adequately, I explain my feelings
On and throughout, I continue kneeling
I look in your eyes for the last time
Everything about you, I want to call mine.
I want you to love me, give me a test
Tell me what you want and I’ll do my best
I want your trust, without a doubt
I’ve thought of you more times than I can count.
Tell me you love me, tell me you’ll stay
I promise you I’ll brighten my gray
Put your lips close to mine, take a deep breath
Now close your eyes and I’ll do the rest.

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