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Beautiful Love Poems


To go to sleep means giving yourself a rest, away from the realities of this world. To be able to close your eyes and get connected with your love.

Have you felt love as strong as when morning calls you to start a brand new day? Does it feel surreal to wake up and feel strongly for someone you’d like to see them the first time you open your eyes when the sun calls for you?

Are your dreams made up of all the wonderful things about love and that special person you’d like to spend the rest of your life with?

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Author: William Scott

I gaze at your pictures
As I go to sleep,
I can hear your voice
It sounds oh so sweet
I then close my eyes
And sleep the night through,
The dreams that I have
Are of me and you.
I awake in the morning
I know this is real,
This dream that I’m in
It feels so surreal.
I whisper your name
And say I love you,
I tell you my dreams
They’re of me and you.
You look in my eyes
And hold me so tight,
The fears that we have
Will soon have respite.
I cannot contain
My feelings for you,
My heart is set free
It belongs only to you.

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