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Beautiful Love Poems

Dreams Of You

Dreams about your love still linger even when you’re wide awake — as hours pass by gently every day, the love you have for her simply grows stronger.

Let this love poem guide you to your love’s heart, let it be your compass as you sail to different seas just to be able to gather passion and emotion, and share it with your special someone.

Read between the lines of the words in this poem, expressing and recalling love, just like it was only yesterday.

Here at 1Love Poems, we inspire people — whether they are going through the process of falling out of love or at the start of falling in love.

Author: Joyce Hemsley

We stood beside the daffodils
the evening sun shone o’er the bay;
we saw the river from the hills
the hours gently passed away.
I was your girl, you were my boy
in days when life was full of joy.
And even now, I reminisce
still see the sunset o’er the bay
and feel the magic of your kiss –
the years withering away!
I’m still your girl, you’re my boy,
dreams of you are dreams of joy.

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