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Beautiful Love Poems


Writing a poem is never easy because words don’t just come rushing towards your mind. Words are meant to be sewn perfectly together and there are times when some pieces won’t just fit and find their rightful places.

On the other hand, poems bridge emotions and feelings and give you the chance to express your love to the special person dearest to you.

Dreams are illustrations from the feelings you have inside you and for you to transpire them, write. Write about the love you have inside.

Read our collection of love poems from our brilliant authors that radiate and connect with you and your heart.

Author: G. Hollis

So gently they came out
Almost a whisper of a sound
They mingled with the stillness
And a feeling so profound.
I first heard those words
Such a long time ago
But now my world has smiled
My face began to glow.
I longed to hear those words again
Bringing the winds of change
I no longer felt I had to abstain
From feeling joy instead of pain.
I said those words first
So soft yet so sweet
Magically and lovingly
Our eyes would meet.
Her reply came next
Forever to endear
As those wonderful words
Now flowed into my ears.
“I love you!” I said,
And my words echoed back
From my lover’s lips they came
Precise and intact.
My spirit soon stirred
My soul was renewed
My heart beat loudly
As my thoughts flew.
Over hills and valleys
Through time and space
I kissed her sweet lips
Gently caressing her face.
My tears flowed freely
Gentle tracks down my cheeks
Overwhelmed by my silence
I was unable to speak.
Always and forever are
These moments with you
They will be like a dream
That somehow came true.

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