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Beautiful Love Poems

Deeply And Passionately

Do poems help you get in touch with your heart? To really connect to it and know exactly how you feel for someone?

Are you wanting to tell someone how you deeply and passionately love them and care for them but you can’t seem to find the right words to say?

Have you been thinking of different ways to let that special someone know how you truly feel about him?

Get your pen and paper out, list down your feelings of love, and browse through 1Love Poems’ collection of poems to help you get started.

Author: George Kelly

Deeply and passionately, I’m in love with you
Without a doubt, with no restraint, this heat within me grew
Deeply and passionately, you’re in love with me
We thrive in fields of roses, it’s where our love runs free
Nothing else really fits into this life of rings
You and me embracing, and all those loving things
Deeply and passionately, we became as one
Making our own rainbow even without sun.
You told me I was everything that you have been searching for
But can I make clear to you one unwritten law
In my very soul, there’s none that can compare
To the one who found me, and a love so pure and rare.
Deeply and passionately, we make love, each time anew
And nothing can divide us, I’m much too stuck on you.
Deeply and passionately, squeeze my hands with wild intent
Because nowhere else on Earth is a love more heaven sent.

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