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Beautiful Love Poems


Butterflies are considered mystical and powerful in representing our lives — they are deep symbols of changes, rebirth, and transformation.

A butterfly signifies one’s changes and personal growth, it can be your love for someone that intensifies and grows each day.

It is sometimes a sign to evaluate your life and love — a realization of things that makes your life more colourful, meaningful, and worthwhile.

Follow the butterfly inside your heart — spread your colourful wings into the horizon and feel the power flow through you. Be inspired and let the words here at 1Love Poem guide you to the right path.

Author: Poetrymad

Your butterfly has truly emerged.
Bright, beautiful, symmetrical.
Blazing with colour.
Pinks for our love.
Deep reds for our hearts,
Our passions, our lips.
Yellows for our glow, our Light,
Our Spirits, our beautiful Sun.
Blues for our clear skies,
Our peace, our calm, your eyes.
Greens for our earth, our plants,
Our nature that surrounds
Our beautiful little bridge
That you built.
With hearts bonded and melted,
With pure love and sexiness,
With sheer poetry and excitement
Come fly with me.

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