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Beautiful Love Poems


Butterflies in your stomach at the sight of your special someone? That feeling of happiness echoing in your laughter or how your eyes would shine bright knowing someone loves you in return.

Write your love a poem — compose him a handwritten love letter because it never goes out of style. Like a butterfly, let your love spread and move its wings, closer to your love’s heart, and let it stay there forever.

Make him his favorite warm cup of coffee and place your written words of love beside it. Visit our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems for ideas and inspiration.

Author: Mandy Marie Fogelman

Suddenly I get this feeling My mind draws a blank My hands are slightly shaking My heart begins to race I feel like I’m losing control I’m nervous inside and out I have an unexplainable feeling I wish I could figure this out These butterflies inside of me Keep fluttering all throughout I thought they were gone for good I didn’t know they could come out It must be the way You get to me like you do The way you make me feel The way I love you like I do…

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