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Beautiful Love Poems


Are you a writer in need of inspiration for your next project? How about composing a collection of love poems?

Do you know what’s good about poems? They relate and identify with people — with their emotions and their soul.

People love and hurt, and reading poems is an excellent way for them to weigh down their feelings and determine how they really feel. Poems help them understand what and how they truly feel.

Be an inspiration and start writing your poems. Browse through 1Love Poems’ collection today and let your emotions and passion about love radiate to your beloved.

Author: Patrick Liddick

O’ How thee Lights Up the Room
Sterling Beauty in Full Bloom
Thy Graceful Flow Across the Floor
Like Gentle Water Caress the Shore
Thy Hair Sways Through the Breeze
Wind Swirled Autumn Leaves
As All the Stars in the Sky
Reflect the Twinkle in Thine Eyes
Thou Heart and Mind Intertwine
A Celestial Body So Divine
Thy Voice Soft, Sweet Sincere
O’ Thou Art So Endeared.

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