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Beautiful Love Poems

Awkward Silence

Too many times people would often hide their feelings for someone — their true feelings, but sometimes things can get in the way, and suddenly awkwardness sets in and make it challenging for you to say how you feel.

Having conversations with someone can be difficult, especially if you don’t know how or what you say — to express your feelings so reaching out can be easier through writing.

Writing comes a long way — it embodies unsaid feelings of love. So, let our poems here at 1Love Poems help you express your feelings of love and let your special someone know how you feel.

Author: Mike Styrcula

Every time you call I’m filled with joy
For it’s one more time I get to hear your sweet voice.
I love to hear your laugh.
I swear I can see it through the phone.
It’s what brightens my life As night starts to set
Butterflies crawl in my stomach and never seem to go away.
Then comes this awkward silence that so many like to break.
But this kind is different.
It’s the kind of silence that you don’t mind having around
The kind that lets you know
the person you love is just on the other side
Saying without words, I love you.

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