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Beautiful Love Poems


Can’t you see tomorrow like it doesn’t exist? Just like when you have fallen into an abyss and tried to come back to life.

Take the balance, learn how to traverse love and falling in and out of it — it is like looking back at the past and having a glimpse of the future.

Are you thinking of going back to the past where everything was clear and the same reason you are here? If moving to the future where everything may seem unclear but with a chance of experiencing something real?

Here at 1Love Poems, we have all the poems you are looking for, to keep you inspired and hanging on to the promise of love.

Author: Connor James Fitzpatrick

I have fallen somewhere in your life,
Did I trip, did I stumble or did I jump?
Does it matter as long as I am here?
I have fallen somewhere in your heart,
Through a crack in that armor you wear so well,
But does it really matter as long as I am here now?
I realize that my place here is precarious at best,
But I will do what I can to remain balanced,
For I don’t want to fall so far as can’t be seen.
And I am no fool to not recognize that I have company here,
He sits so close I can smell the western horizon on him,
But is he your true reason here, or is it time for a past love to win?
I don’t have the common sense any longer to know if I should leave,
But patience is a virtue I know all too well, and she sits with me now.
I’m almost drowned out by him and his wily little ways,
But who here is begging for forgiveness, you or me?
It’s funny how I bleed and you never really see it.

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