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Beautiful Love Poems

As A Year Begins

Today might be the day you will always remember, how your greatest love walked into your life and there is no greater joy than making it live forever in your memory.

A day to celebrate all the years to come, with your and your greatest love sharing yur lives and making dreams come to life.

A day you watch your love walk down the aisle as you wait to say your vows and hold on to the promise of words that you’ll see each other through and through.

If you’re looking for inspiration or words to help you write your vows for your special day, browse through our collection of love poems here at 1Love Poems.

Author: Joyce Hemsley

Sweet smiles told no lie
as we gazed eye to eye,
and I fell in his arms
at a New Year revelry.
A floral arrangement
a ring for engagement
the joyous bells echoed
their message to me.
Guarding me, guiding me,
he gave all his love to me;
I felt so safe in his hands,
we made wedding plans.
Our love stayed alive,
as past years hurried by,
still we’d gaze eye to eye
whispering tenderly.
How golden the memory
sheer magic it weaves,
and as a New Year begins
“I still hear violins”.

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