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Beautiful Love Poems

Angel In The Night

Have you ever wondered how angels serve as our guide to this life? A soft voice that talks to you when you feel sad and a hand to hold you when you are weary?

Angels are sunshine that gives us hope and makes challenges easier to face. When our heart is in pain, they hold us close and make sure that we are safe.

An angel who comes in the form of your special someone — the very person who holds your hand and never letting go. Someone who is kind, caring, and loving as an angel.

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Author: Angel5224

You’re my angel in the night
you’re everything i think of
everything i dream of.
Yours is the voice i hear when
The moon steals the day.
Yours is the voice
I hear when the sun sneaks
in to warm me.
When my heart aches with lifes pains,
you are my angel.
I never expected someone like you.
Someone kind and loving as you.
You snuck into my life like a true
angel in the night.
Loving you is the only thing that
brought me this far.
Because you are my angel in the night.

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