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Beautiful Love Poems

All Of You

Right this very moment, would you say that the person you are with is the same person you’d like to spend the rest of your life with? The person you are willing to give your everything not just because you are together now or it’s convenient, but because you feel love towards that person so deeply.

Is that person the one who can take your worries and pain away? Someone who holds you close at night and ensures you that tomorrow is going to be brighter than yesterday?

Write your special someone the words of love. Read through our love poem collection here at 1Love Poems go get some inspiration to come up with the right words.

Author: David Norman Meece

The sound of your voice is music to my ear
So soft, sweet, and clear.
The kiss from your lips words can not explain
It takes away my worries and my pain.
The caress of your hand sends shivers down my spine
Everyday I thank God that your mine.
The sight of your lovely face takes away all my fears
You’re the one I want to love through out the years
For an eternity I want to spend in your arms
Everyday graced by your beauty and your charms.

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