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Beautiful Love Poems

All My Heart

Giving your everything for someone you love is sharing a part of your life — sharing something important that makes your love grow stronger.

With just a smile from that special someone, your heart and soul melts and you know that the fire inside will burn steadily, just like the love you feel inside you.

Elements of love comfort you and give reassurance that the day will shine as brightly as your heart.

A strong fire but gentle to your touch, one that reaches your soul — that the love inside you. Read inspiring poems from our collection here at 1Love Poems today.

Author: © 2013, Gabor Timis

I remember your smile, so radiant and warm,
illuminating my day with loving affection.
I remember your kisses, so sweet and soft,
engulfing my being with blissful elation.
I remember your touch, so gentle and delicate,
setting my on fire with burning sensation.
I seek you out, trying to catch a glimpse
of your beautiful face in the lake of dreams.
I look for your glowing angelic presence,
your caring and loving traits, your essence.
I see you now, my heart flutters, again whole,
and I know how lucky I am to have met you. I love you, my dear, with all my heart and soul.

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