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Beautiful Love Poems


Soft whispers of sweet love, taking their places into the core of your heart. Those sweet, soft, and loving whispers that you’ll never let go and will hold forever in your hands.

Hold your special someone closest, in the cold night towards the warmth of the morning light, and whisper to him words of love and let your words trickle down their skin into their soul.

Let those sweet words linger and live through your smile, actions, and the way you look him to his eyes.

Here at 1Love Poems, our authors have shared their love and hearts with everyone — to help you come up with just the right words to whisper sweetly.

Author: Joyce Hemsley

Basket full of pretty posies
from the “you” I love,
both of us to talk together
under stars above.
A whisper sweet discloses
the magic that you feel,
I’m delighted with the roses,
roses tell me love is real.
We sing a song of rainbows
to the tune of a lullaby,
you and I both wearing halos
so in love ~ as time goes by.

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