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Beautiful Love Poems

A Single Rose

A single rose is considered as one of the most enduring symbols of one’s love for another.

Roses, for most, are the most romantic flower of all. In fact, most romantic writers use the significance of roses in their written pieces.

Show your deepest emotions and desires by giving your special one a rose and a poem today. You don’t really have to wait for a special occasion to surprise your better half because every day can be a special day.

If you’re having difficulty coming up with words, browse through 1Love Poems’ collection of poems. Something traditional as writing a love poem can never go wrong.

A Single Rose Written By John de Leeuw

A single rose in full bloom
Catching the light in a lover’s room
A single thought of you
One soul created from two.
A single rose of red
Petals decorating a lover’s bed
A single wish upon my lips
For a moment of unbridled bliss.
A single rose with stem so tall
Standing guard over all
A single love never to be broken
Whispered words of love are spoken.
A single rose of love
Nourished by the sun above
A single desire is granted
My heart forever enchanted.

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