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A Perfect Companion

What is your idea of a perfect companion? Is it someone that needs to be attractive on the outside or someone you need to connect with on a deeper level?

A perfect companion is someone you can trust or share common life goals or interests. This would also mean that you may need to invest in the other person but in a give and take process.

It could be someone you could talk to and you won’t have fears of being judged or maybe someone you’d love spending a day at the coffee shop.

How about writing your perfect companion a poem to express how grateful you are to have him? Browse through 1Love Poems’ collection of inspiring poems.

A Perfect Companion Poem By Mondal

A silent ebony night
still no fear, no fright
because I am not alone.
There is someone who is known.
They are the tiny drops from the sky.
who are so pure that they connot deny
They quitely listen to all that we say
then, touch the earth or vanish in a bay.
I love to walk in the rain
because no one can feel my pain.
No one can see me cry
because tears mix with them and finally die.
I have millions of such companions,
but still alone in the battalion.
Fighting against fear and loneliness,
And fatigue of the ruthless passiveness.
Will any one even come to ask?
To remove this fake cheerful mask.
Or these descended fays are the only one,
to support me in this lonely run.
Still my life leaves a question,
will anyone come to heal this repurcussion?
or I will also become like the drops from the sky,
and will mix with the earth and finally die.
Lonely, Lonely, Lonely forever …

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