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Beautiful Love Poems

A New Life Was Waiting

Falling in love is like starting a new life — starting a new with everything. Love can come to you when you need it most — a hope that shines when everything seems dark and gloomy.

Loving someone is like waking up to a new life, something to keep your heart beating with joy and happiness. To start a new life and build it with a person you love most. A love, like the soft morning that starts a new day, hopeful.

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Author: Joyce Hemsley

Inviting – exciting – emotion
with power I had never known,
a world of unchained devotion
because you were my very own.
I had fallen in love with you.
Together we sailed in springtime
to an isle beyond seas of blue,
and when we returned, a new life
was waiting, in a valley of dreams
where I first fell in love with you.

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