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Love Poems For Him

Heartfelt Exboyfriend Poems – Expressing the Pain and Healing After Breakup

Echoes of Love Lost: Express Your Heartache with Our Ex-Boyfriend Poems

Are you feeling the post-breakup blues and in need of some emotional release? Look no further! Our Exboyfriend Poems page on 1LovePoems is the perfect therapeutic outlet for all your heartache. From bitter and angry, to longing and nostalgic, we’ve got a range of poems that capture every emotion following a breakup. So go ahead, let the witty verses and playful rhymes help you express what you’re feeling. We’ve got you covered!

Short Poems

1. “The One Who Got Away”
You left me brokenhearted,
But I still think of you each day.
I wonder if you ever regretted
Letting me slip away.

2. “Moving On”
I’ve finally let you go,
Though it wasn’t easy.
Now I’m wiser, stronger, better;
With newfound independence, oh so free.

3. “The Pain of Rejection”
Your cold words cut like knives,
My heart shattered into pieces.
I still ache for your love,
But know that it never increases.

4. “Hopeless Romantic”
I dream of us together,
In a magical land far away.
I hold onto the memories,
Of a love that couldn’t stay.

Medium Poems


Memories of you are bittersweet,
Reminders of love and loss we’d meet.
Your laughter once filled my heart,
But now it’s tearing me apart.

I remember when we were one,
And our love had just begun,
But now that you are gone,
My heart’s been shattered like a bomb.

I thought that love would never fade,
But now I can’t escape this shade.
So I’ll gather all my strength and pride,
And move on from the tears I’ve cried.

Broken Pieces

Broken pieces of my heart,
Shattered by the love we had to part.
We had a love so sweet and true,
But now there’s nothing left to do.

I still love you with all my heart,
But we’re too far apart.
Our love was once full of hope,
But now it’s broken and I can’t cope.

I wish we could have worked it out,
But now all I feel is doubt.
I’ll pick up these broken pieces,
And pray that someday my heart releases.

Long Poems

Heartbreak Symphony

Verse 1:
We once had love that shone so bright,
It filled my world with endless light.
Every moment spent with you,
Felt like a dream that had come true.

But now we’re just exes,
With shattered hearts and broken pieces.
Our love was a symphony,
That ended in a bitter tragedy.

Verse 2:
I thought we’d be together forever,
Our love was stronger than any weather.
But one day, you just walked away,
Leaving me with nothing left to say.

But now we’re just exes,
With shattered hearts and broken pieces.
Our love was a symphony,
That ended in a bitter tragedy.

I still remember the way you smiled,
And the way your eyes would light up mine.
But now, all I feel is pain,
And memories that drive me insane.

But now we’re just exes,
With shattered hearts and broken pieces.
Our love was a symphony,
That ended in a bitter tragedy.

In this heartbreak symphony,
My heartstrings sing a melancholy.
But one day, I know I’ll heal,
And my heart will love again, for real.

The Ghost of My Ex-Love

The ghost of my ex-love lingers in my heart,
A specter that haunts my every thought,
Memories of our time together tear me apart,
A love that was once pure, now gone and wrought.

I recall the first time we met,
It was love at first sight, or so we thought,
Our passion burned bright, we were all in it,
We were inseparable, or so we thought.

We laughed, we danced, we sang,
Our love was a beacon in the dark,
We were each other’s everything,
Our love was the spark.

But as time went by, things started to change,
Our love faded like a wilted flower,
We grew apart, we became estranged,
Our relationship began to sour.

We tried to hold on, we tried to fight,
But our love was like a dying flame,
We said our goodbyes one fateful night,
And our love was never the same.

Now I am haunted by the ghost of my ex-love,
A memory of a love that was once so true,
A love that now only exists in dreams,
A love that I must bid adieu.

For in my heart, I know it’s time to move on,
To let go of the past and embrace the new,
To find a love that will never be gone,
A love that will carry me through.

So I say goodbye to the ghost of my ex-love,
And I welcome the future with open arms,
A future where I will find a love so pure,
A future where my heart will be free from harm.

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