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I’ll Be Your Angel

Do you believe in angel? The one who guides and protect you, through all the days and nights of your life.

An angel to keep you company, especially on times when you feel all alone and left out. A light at the end of the tunnel, the first light you see when the morning coms.

I can be your angel, to love you endlessly. Hold your heart softly with my loving and caring arms. To kiss you goodnight and give you a smile comes the morning light.

I’ll write you words of love, until you believe that I’ll be your angel. Browse these poems with me here at 1Love Poems today.

Author: Zhanara , [email protected]

I’ll be your angel
That you can stay on a heavenly place
I’ll be your air
That you can breathe deeply
I’ll be your bridge
That you can go life’s path evenly
I’ll be your sun
That you can smile frequently
I’ll be your time
That you can save patiently
I’ll be your book
That you can read gracefully.
My love for you is pure as water.
We will be happy later
If our love will be forever.

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