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Beautiful Love Poems

Best Love Poems of All Time – Most Popular Poems About Love

I Miss You So Much – Dean Adam

I miss you so much
To the moon and stars
You’re the one that I need
To heal the scars… Read Poem


You Kissed Me – Josephine Slocum Hunt

You kissed me! My head drooped low on your breast
With a feeling of shelter and infinite rest,
While the holy emotions my tongue dared not speak,
Flashed up as in flame, from my heart to my cheek… Read Poem


Why Do I Cry? – BrandiWine

Sometimes we argue, I don’t know why.
Then I sit and wonder, why do I cry?
I cry because I love you,
I cry because I care… Read Poem


This Is For You – Desola

Let me lie in your arms tonight
So you can love me for the rest of our lives
Let you brighten the way with your eyes
And keep this love we share alive… Read Poem


The Picture In My Dreams – Willie J. Edwards

Late at night when I’m in bed
What seems like a picture begins in my head.
And as my eyes begin to shut,
My body feels as it is fluttering up… Read Poem


The First Touch – Patricia L. Burd

As he stood behind me
His body against mine.
His arms wrapped around me
His hands caressing me… Read Poem


Sweet Love Of Mine – Jason Roop

I know it hasn’t been long since I last saw you my dear,
But to me it feels as long as five hundred year.
I miss you to the point I am loosing all sanity,
There has to be an end to all this calamity… Read Poem


Silent Talk – Paula Odell

I can hear your whisper,
upon the breeze,
and see your smile,
in the sun… Read Poem


Say Anything But Goodbye – Tom Zart

Forgive me, forgive me
And I’ll kiss your tears away.
You’re the first thing and the last,
I think of every day… Read Poem


Prayer Of Love – IRF

Never thought there’ll come a time,
I’ll feel again the warmth of its shine.
You came like a rain in my mind,
Still there’s a reason that I should find… Read Poem


Our Love – G. Hollis

I want to spend my life with you
These feelings inside I know are true
Being away from you is hard to take
A wonderful life with you I’ll make… Read Poem


Oh, My Love – Rose Angel

For as long as I live
My love to you I will unconditionally give
For always until my last day
I will love you in every possible way… Read Poem


My Love Is Where You Are – Paul D. Medway

If I could catch a million stars,
I know just what I’d do,
I’d arrange them on a paper,
And sing them back to you… Read Poem


Missing You Like Crazy – Alice Garcia

Sometimes at night,
when I lay down to sleep,
I embrace myself,
I start to think … Read Poem


Love Of My Life – Seshadri Veeraraghavan

A zest for life, a grace divine
More intoxicating than wine.
Carefree nature and wild, wild ways,
You always make my mind sway!… Read Poem


Lonely Heart – Lady Of Knight

If I had a heart I’m sure it would say
How lonely its been since you went away,
With no one to snuggle and no one to hold.
I guess I’ll adjust, or so I’ve been told… Read Poem


Joy Of My Heart – Joyce Hemsley

Dear Joy of my heart,
I am weary ~ so weary
of thinking of you… Read Poem


I Need Someone – J.J.

In this world full of hurt and pain,
I need someone who would help me through the rain.
To comfort me when I’m sad,
Doing everything just to make me glad… Read Poem


I Love – Melissa Neiding

I love to see you smile
And I love knowing that I caused that smile
I love to see you happy
And I love knowing that I caused that happiness… Read Poem


How To Kiss – Gabriel

How would I kiss you?
Let me describe the ways –
I would hold your gaze with mine
as I approach the corner of your mouth… Read Poem

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